Fox Craft is a design brand based in Rome - born from an idea of Flaminia Masotti (founder and Creative Director) - which produces paper products, using and reinterpreting in a contemporary way the handmade binding.

Product design, quality of materials and attention to details are the key words that inspire and guide the creative process. Each product is handmade, made in Italy and eco-friendly, made exclusively with paper with certification FSC®.

In addition to the design and the making of the products, Fox Craft is also involved in training, taking workshops dedicated to craft binding techniques, aimed at the realization of self - paper productions.

In 2018 Fox Craft took part in Inchiostro Festival (Alessandria, Italy), designing and creating the official notebook for Lustro Edition and  helding bookbinding workshops.

Moreover in 2018, was selected as exhibitor for the Market Faire of Torino Graphic Days, helding free bookbinding workshops for the Festival's public. A selection of own works have been published on FAVINI website - among the leading companies in the world in the production of graphic specialties - Official Technical Sponsor for training courses.